How to access the control panel - cPanel?

There are two ways explained below on how to access the control panel.

  • Using your domain as an access point 
    To do this, open the browser you normally use (Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) and use the URL


    or (where you will replace domain_name with the hosting domain)


  • Through the customers’ system
    Once you have logged in to your clients’ system, in the Hosting menu, select My Hosting.


     Click on the desired service.


     In the newly opened window in the Activities section, click Login to cPanel


  • If you have problems accessing cPanel, you can contact us. One of the most common problems when you are unable to access cPanel is if you have blocked access to the 2083 port. Check whether you have a firewall / antivirus / router installed - because it's possible that one of these devices can block access due to a closed port.

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