How do I connect the web site to the hosting after activation?

After the hosting activation, MKhost will send you an email with all information about it on your email address. Read the entire email in detail and find the login information.

You will receive login information through the FTP protocol, and you will use the same information for logging into the cPanel hosting control panel through which you can create email boxes, databases, make redirections and even edit files, upload new files and create folders.

You can upload files from your web site in two ways:

  • Using the FTP protocol
    To upload files through FTP, you will have to install FTP client software on your computer. MKhost recommends FileZilla. When you install the program on your computer, you will need to connect to the hosting. In the Hostname section enter your domain name (only if it is registered and active on the Internet as well as on MKhost servers), or the IP address of the server that MKhost already sent you on the activation e-mail. In the username section, you will enter the username and the password. At the port, enter 21 and click Connect. If the data is correctly entered, you’ll be connected to the FTP server to your just activated hosting. On the left side are the files and data from your computer, while on the right window are the files and data that are currently on the hosting. Double-click on the public_html directory of the host to enter. There you will place all the files from your computer. You can simply select it from the left window and drag it to the right window. This will start the process of uploading the files and in the end you’ll need to check that all files and directories have been successfully transferred. If so, then you can open your domain and check whether the files have been transferred.
  • Using the cPanel hosting
    Log in using the current cPanel link or if your web site is active: http:/
    When you log in, click on the File Manager icon. A new window will open up where you can view the current files of your hosting, as well as upload, delete, and create new files. To upload files select the Upload option and select the files you want to attach. File Manager also offers an option for unzipping files, so you can attach only one zipped file and unzip it on the hosting, which will save you time and resources.

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