How do I change / add records to the DNS zone of my domain?

By registering a domain at MKhost, you get a free service DNS hosting that provides complete control of your DNS zone. Through the web interface of the user profile of MKhost you can manage all records for your DNS zone, such as A, AAAA, MX, CNAME, NS, TXT, SRV records. You can freely add, delete and modify additional records from the DNS zone. Additionally, you can configure and use MX records on Google with one click. By doing so, if you make a mistake, you can recreate the whole zone. You can read more about this service on the following link:
For the entries in the DNS zone through MKhost to be valid, the nameservers should be those of MKhost. If the name servers point elsewhere, the records from the DNS zone of MKhost will not be taken into consideration.
There are two ways to manage the DNS zone. The first one is through your user’s account - using DNS hosting, and the second is through cPanel and it is possible if you have already purchased web hosting at MKhost.

Managing the DNS zone of your domain through your user account with the DNS hosting service
Step 1: Log in to your account. (Link:, then click on Secure Login). Here log in with your proper username and password. 

slika 1.1.1  

Step 2: After you log in, select Domains.


Чекор 3: In the newly opened window, select the domain through which you want to change the DNS zone and click on Manage domain

Чекор 4: In the newly opened window, click on DNS hosting. If you haven’t previously created DNS hosting for the domain, click on YESCreate (previously you should set the nameservers: and to MKhost). 

Чекор 5: In the newly opened window you see the default DNS zone, in which you have already set A record, MX record and CNAME record. Here you can edit the existing and created records or in the Add New DNS entry section add new records. When changing existing records or when adding a new record, it is necessary to click Save Changes at the end. If you want to configure a MX record on Google, just click on Configure the MX record to be on Google, and if you want to return to the initial state, click on Re-create the DNS zone
За да бидат активни промените кои ги правите треба да проверите дали доменот е подесен на главните ДНС сервери: и .

Manage the DNS zone of your domain through the control panel of your hosting (cPanel)

Step 1:
 Log in to your cPanel account (Link: with the appropriate username and password. 

Step 2: In the Domains section, click on Advanced DNS Zone Editor. 

advanced zone editor

Step 3: In the newly opened window in the Domain section, select the domain you want to edit 


Step 4: Once you have selected the domain on which you will manage the DNS zone, in the new part of the window, a new form appears for adding a new record (Add a Record) as well as the current zone records (Zone File Records).
To modify the current records, you need to click the edit button in the right part of the entry and click the Edit Record button to save the newly created data.

dns edit

If you want to set up a new record in the Add a Record section, first select the type of record - A (Address), AAAA (IPv6 Address), CNAME (Canonical Name), SRV (Service Record), TXT (Text Record). Enter the appropriate data for the selected type and click Add Record. In the example given in the image, a record for the domain is added to the IP address

add a record

This option is possible if you have purchased hosting for your domain in MKhost and the main DNS domain servers are configured on the specific server where your hosting is active, at MKhost.

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