How to install Joomla using Softaculous through my cPanel account?

MKhost supports over 300 free scripts that you can easily install and use when creating your webpage. Using Softaculous (the automated application installer), every hosting package user can easily install Joomla in just a few clicks. 
Instructions for installing Joomla through Softaculous:

Step 1: Log in to your cPanel account (http://domain_name/cpanel) with your username and password. 

Step 2: After successfully logging into Softaculous Apps Installer, click on Joomla.

Чекор 3: Во новоотворениот прозорец кликнете на табот Install за да започнете со инсталацијата (во другите табови може да прочитате повеќе околу Joomla) 

Step 4: On the next open page, complete the details to start your Joomla installation 

      - First select the version of Joomla you want to install (we recommend choosing the latest version of Joomla)
      - Select the domain which you want to use to install Joomla
      - In the In Directory section, you need to enter the root folder for the Joomla installation. You do not need to create the same folder previously because Joomla will create the folder during the installation itself (NOTE: By default, Joomla will be installed in the folder If you want your web site to go directly to .mk then leave this field blank)
      - In the Database Name section, select the name of the base that will be created for the installation. (NOTE: Remember this name (write it on a page), because you will need it when you want to make some corrections (for example: resetting the password, exporting the database etc.). It is important to note that all settings for Joomla installation will be stored in this database, and if there is any problem, you can check here)

      - Admin Username - the username that will be used to access the Joomla administration panel 
      - Admin Password - the password that will be used to access the Joomla administrative panel. 
      - Admin Email - The email address to which all CRON activities or other related e-mail messages will be sent. (NOTE: We recommend here to set up an email address that you often check and use, in order to keep up to date with all events, and to receive all notifications on time


Step 5: Once all the details have been completed, click Install to begin the installation. Once the installation is complete, a page will be opened with the links to your Joomla page and to the Joomla Administrative Panel, meaning that the installation is successfully completed. 

To access the Joomla Administration Panel, simply click on the Administration link. In the newly opened page, log in with the login information that you have entered before in the installation process. Now, you can freely set new posts, pictures, etc., as well as modify the themes, and modify your website directly through the Joomla Administration Panel. 

With the help of Softaculous, you can create and backup the Joomla web site very easily and if anything happens at any time you can restore it. However, we do not recommend this procedure because we already make a regular daily, weekly and monthly backup of your entire account and this additional backup will only take up space from your hosting account and there can be problems with a lack of hosting space. 

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